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  • Staff Outsourcing Company Overview e-Commerce Experts

    Outsourcing | BPO Services

    At Staff Outsourcing our core goal is to solve your staffing problems and allow your business to achieve its full potential. Our BPO services offer a wide array of solutions tailored to your needs. We provide flexible outsourcing services for companies both small and large.

    The latest technology allows our Outsourcing Services to provide a seamless connection between your home office and ours. We are able to manage complex business processes for our clients and allow them to focus on their core mission.

    Based in the Philippines we are able to deliver high caliber employees at a greatly reduced cost. We have a strong management team in place both at our US based office and abroad to solve business challenges as they arise. Our clients save a great deal of time and money with our Outsourcing Services. Contact us for a free evaluation of the solutions we can offer your business.

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  • Success Stories

    At Staff Outsourcing we take great pride in our BPO services and the effects they can have on a company. We have transformed many companies and helped them reach the next level in their industries. We have also helped many business owners rekindle the passion for their businesses by solving their staffing problems.

    Employees are the most valuable asset for any company but they can also be a source of stress and frustration. Our Outsourcing Services allow you to focus on your core mission while we ensure the labor required to complete that mission is done with great efficiency and value. Contact us about how our outsourcing services become a success story for your company.

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  • Our Facility

    We are located in the IT park in Cebu, Philippines. This centrally located facility allows easy access to the vast employee base Cebu has to offer. Our building is wired with multiple redundant internet connections and features a backup diesel generator for any power issues.

    We chose this facility so we can offer our clients first world infrastructure at a greatly reduced cost. Downtime is not acceptable in any business and with this facility we have the tools required to provide state of the art technology and service.

    Some of our neighbors in the building include eBay, Amazon, Microsoft and many others. We feel confident that such respected names in business also came to the conclusion that our facility is the right place to base our outsourcing services.

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  • Our People

    Having the right people in place is critical for any business to thrive. Our people at Staff Outsourcing are some of the best you will find at any outsourcing company. The Filipino people are some of the most accommodating people in the world. They are well suited to many types of outsourcing services.

    All of our employees have a minimum of a four year college degree and many have advanced studies. High Fluency in English and proper accent are a must for any new hire at Staff Outsourcing. Some of our competitors cut costs by hiring untrained and uneducated staff. This creates a communication nightmare for the clients.

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