Billing and Collections

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Some companies spend tremendous effort and time taking care of their customer Billing and Collections department. Depending on the market of your business and services, sending invoices and collecting payments can either be a walk in the park or a constant struggle. Staff Outsourcing Solutions can not only effectively support this department but also cost less compared to doing it in house.

Since Billing and Collections handle a lot of confidential information like the personal and banking information of the customers, Staff Outsourcing makes sure we abide to global security standards to protect the identity and information of any individual. You may read the Security Tab found on the upper right side corner of the main page to know more why Staff Outsourcing Solutions is a safe option to outsource your billing and collections department.

We also have stricter employee back ground check on all personnel working for Billing and Collections. We always ensure we have the right people on board with no records on fraud, phishing or any related criminal activities.

Our proven experience and methodologies can be integrated in any existing customer system or processes. We can support any business or industry with their billing and collection regardless if it is voice or a non voice support. Our Subject Matter Experts and Leadership team will always be available for any real time escalations or inquiries that may be beyond the usual process. Our US and Philippine Top Management team are also available to address any concerns regarding operations.

We utilize various mediums of resources for Collections. Our standard operating procedure follows an appropriate and respectful way in doing customer follow ups for payment. Getting payment commitments and documenting all agreed action plan to collect the payment are essential in every customer interaction.

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