Onsite Security

BPO Site Security,Contact Center Outsourcing Data Protection

Facility Access and Surveillance

Staff Outsourcing uses state of the art biometric and proximity card access that is specific to every employee. We have a Zero Tolerance policy for tailgating and using other employee's access credentials. Our multiple close circuit cameras and remote monitoring on all entrances and exits ensure we have absolute visibility and record of all the activities in those areas.

Restriction on personal phones, computers, cameras, any recording and storage device

It is vital we manage, restrict and maintain all company and customer proprietary information accordingly. Our strict policy ensures that all internal, restricted and confidential information stays within the company walls. Any breach whether intentional or accidental will be dealt with accordingly depending on the level of information that is out, the risks presented and the impact it has with the business.

External Item Contraband and Paperless Environment

Absolute default restriction on all external items inside the production area. All personal belongings are confined within the employee lockers and common areas like the lobby and pantry. We also have strict restrictions on papers brought inside and outside the production floor area. Only management and internal support personnel such as human resource and security are allowed with the necessary clearances and spot checks to ensure nothing confidential and proprietary goes outside production.

Department or Group Limitations

All rank and file employees are restricted within their department or group's production area. Staff Outsourcing does not tolerate employees from going across different areas of operation and will sanction violators according to our internal policies. For security reasons, all rank and file employees are confined within their own allocated production floor and workstations.

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