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History of Staff Outsourcing

StaffOutsourcing.com was founded out of necessity by our parent company Sound Connection LLC. Our parent company is a leading e-commerce company with over 40 million in annual online sales. Several years ago, due to the explosive growth in eCommerce, we developed a need for extended evening and weekend hours to support our web properties. Having night and weekend hours at our US office was not a path we wanted to pursue, so we chose to explore the possibility of outsourcing. We interviewed many companies from Europe, India, Russia and other areas of the world. We found that it was extremely difficult to get the correct costs or the right accents in these countries. Also, as a smaller business, we found that most companies wanted us to hire a minimum of 25+ employees just to get started. This was not an option for us at the time.


Our venture looking for the right outsourcing company took us Philippines and specifically Cebu City. The Philippines is well known in the Fortune 500 world for outsourcing, and with good reason. The strong English-speaking skills and talented labor pool makes it a great location for outsourcing services. We started outsourcing with a company that we thought was a good choice at the time and begun working with five agents.

Unfortunately, the company we contracted was very poorly run. The employees were not managed well, and we knew that we could do better. With blind optimism, we decided we would open our own office to house our employees, and we went about setting up shop. Over the next 60 days, we travelled back and forth between the US and Cebu City and gained top level flight status with United Airlines. We leased our first office space and began the process of setting up a second office in Cebu.

This process was much more difficult than it looked from the surface. Navigating the Philippine laws and customs was a challenge, but we made it happen. We soon outgrew our first office and moved into a much larger space. Next as the office became more settled and we hired and trained better management and employees we opened the service up to some “beta testers”. These were friends of our founder Chris Rush who trusted him to help them and their companies.

This was an outstanding success. These businesses requested more and more seats and it became apparent we were onto something and doing it right. Next, we had to move to an even larger office to allow for the explosive growth. StaffOutsourcing.com was launched and the service went public. We have been granted PEZA Certification by the Philippine government. We are one of the 500 American companies to be given this certification since the program has existed.

Currently we are taking on new clients as office space allows. Unlike other companies, we are willing to work with small businesses that need as few as three employees. We are the solution that did not exist when we needed it. We feel that we have filled a much-needed void within outsourcing companies and provide great paying jobs for the hard-working people of Cebu.

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