Data Validation

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The data validation procedure ensures that data is right, clean and useful. This can be done by using “validation rules” or “test routines”. There are many kinds of data validation:

- Data type validation (tests the data type of the input signal for example right syntax, within span bounds, comprises merely characters that are allowed, or that amounts are within range bounds)

- Range checking account (Ensures the data lie within a given range of values, e.g., the month of a man’s date of birth should lie between 1 and 12).

- Code checking

- Complex validation (Cross-System Consistency Tests, Hash and Bash Totals, etc)

Data validation

Data Validation Outsourcing Service,Verification BPOData validation is, clearly, an essential facet. We have a longstanding list of happy customers in the Data Entry and Market Research section with data our validation services representing businesses within multiple sectors, ranging from ecommerce sites to healthcare facilities and legal businesses.

We are going to review and validate your data in an efficient, yet swift way to meet with your turnaround time, providing useful advice on the analytic limits of your data to you. Our data validation professionals that are seasoned make sure that the data you use don’t include inconsistencies, errors or any unwanted code.

Data validation can be designed into individual programs using different strategies, including program code, user interface code, or database constraints, and the seasoned IT professionals and data processing specialists of Staff Outsourcing can supply this service for you.

Our data processing services run on advanced infrastructure and state of the art technology to raise productivity. Combined with the expertise of IT professionals and our data processing, this ensures that the demands of quality, guaranteed and precision turnaround time are consistently satisfied.

At Staff Outsourcing, we’re happy to manage any kind or size ICR cleanup service. We can scan pictures at resolution and can deliver all industry standard picture formats. Multilingual OCR software that recognizes a wide range of fonts is used by us.

Our highly-skilled professionals have the technical expertise and ingenuity that provide workable alternatives to all issues and can address every demand. We use various technological and procedural security measures to be able to shield our clients’ data, and we supply quality service at an unbeatable cost.

The increased validation of Staff Outsourcing offers by increasing the bar on conformity tests prolonged value. Our added tests:

- Cover both non and security -security regular domain names defined in the SDTM Execution guide

- Check all variants with SDTM language that is regulated

- Completely recognize all types of ISO 8601 date/time duration

- Validate metadata xml

We validate data that has been formerly converted prior to submitting to the regulatory agency or can convert and validate your critical data

It is an incredibly sensitive procedure and malfunctions frequently happen. OCR clean-up services are needed for greatest precision degrees. At Staff Outsourcing, we join state of the art OCR software and in-depth company expertise to supply high-precision OCR services.

Staff Outsourcing’s Data Validation Services facilitate the early detection of conformity problems and possible data conversion. Our internal expertise permits us to offer more profound penetration by supplying guidance that is discretionary in correction and interpretation of data conformity problems and going beyond the conventional automated tests.

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