Ecommerce Product Entry

Data entry is one of the more tedious and time consuming tasks of e-commerce, not only does your data have to be accurate but it must be presented in a clean and presentable way. With minimum wage on the rise, managing an in-house team of data entry agents can become quite costly. Through Staff Outsourcing, not only do we have decades of background experience, we provide an extremely cost efficient and high output solution to these issues.

Our gifted Ecommerce product entry teams can readily manage both uploading via manual data entry or batch uploads using CSV Import/exports, or excel. We can abstract information from varied sources including manufacturer company websites, PDFs, physical catalogues, and other on-line sources.

Ecommerce Product Entry

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Our e-commerce Product Entry support staff can offer a variety of services such as:

  • Product mass uploading using Excel / CSV
  • Classifying products into groups/sub-groups for online marketplaces, and filters
  • Writing product descriptions tailored around SEO.
  • Handling discounts, special offers, coupons and merchandise options
  • Creating merchandise names, description and key words including all meta information
  • Bookkeeping support

We have experience with the following ecommerce Cart services:

  • Magento
  • X-Cart
  • 3D Cart
  • OpenCart
  • OS Commerce
  • .net CART
  • Bigcommerce
  • Yahoo!
  • Volusion
  • Shopify
  • And more..!

Ecommerce Data Mining

Data mining is summarized as the procedure for extracting necessary information from databases and the various places on the internet. It’s an essential procedure for all companies to gather the required product and brand information.

It’s important to recognize that data and storage entry services in house are not cheap. Staff Outsourcing is here to attenuate costs in the most efficient manner. The procedure for data mining comprises:

- Capturing raw, information and important data.

- Refining and Re-Ordering the data in the correct formats.

- Summarizing and Collating, if needed.

- Extracting Meta info from related sites, newsgroups, etc; i.e. titles, descriptions.

- Data scraping actual indexes or company portal sites through physical and digital sources.

- Data scraping from media websites.

- Formatting the information, as per customer's requirements.

Ecommerce Image Editing

The product picture is the very first and most important way to attract a visitor’s focus to your own eCommerce shop. The calibre of the item picture always has a crucial impact on purchasing.

The gear needed can be expensive and how proficient the photographer is all weigh into the important factors. Pictures still need corrections and major alterations before it’s of a publishable quality. So, blemishes and spots on an item picture must be removed and multicolored backdrops must be converted into a monochrome (white). Furthermore, before an item image uploaded, it must be ensured that it’s fully lit and the contrast is adjusted. Frequently, merchandise pictures must be cropped and the borders adjusted. Having a small white pixel(s) around the edges of your images can be devastating (And we’ve seen it all too often).

At Staff Outsourcing we offer eCommerce Image Editing Services by our exceptionally skilled and seasoned editors to assist you in making your merchandise pictures immaculate and publishable. Your product pictures will be enhanced by our professionals in various manners:

  • We are going to take out your merchandise from its background, if desired.
  • We are going to crop product pictures and correct contrast, the color and brightness.
  • We’ll also take care to remove spots, all patches, blemishes and sunburns out of your merchandise pictures.
  • We are going to edit your merchandise pictures using the most sophisticated masking techniques like layer masking, alpha channel masking and /foil masking to give your merchandise pictures the royal treatment
  • We are going to edit a product picture to match the precise specifications of file format, size and measurements needed by you and the marketplace. We are going to be making modifications, if there are any specifications unique to the eCommerce platform you are using.

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