Employee Profile and Background Check

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Thorough Third-party Background Check

Our recruitment partners perform a thorough employee background check to ensure we have full details on the employment history of the candidate prior to hiring. This is an effective way of knowing if the candidate has any criminal and derogatory records, and security violations in the past. While Staff Outsourcing is an equal opportunity employer, we still make it a priority to mitigate any potential risk especially on sensitive accounts such as payment and billing.

Complete Employee Profile and Information

Staff Outsourcing makes it a practice to obtain the complete information of an employee, particularly all addresses, both current and provincial, if applicable, contact information, family information, and all other legally required information. This is done for both the company and employee's mutual protection.

Activity Monitor

Staff Outsourcing uses this software to monitor all employees real time. This tool captures all websites accessed by the employee, records all incoming and outgoing emails, record keystrokes in work apps, emails, websites and IM chats in real time. It also generates reports and schedule active screen captures.

Multiple CCTV Cameras on the Production Area

With virtually no blind spot in the production area, all employees are actively being monitored both by the local security and management team and the US management team to ensure everyone is doing full production at all times. Any suspicious activity can be recorded and reported real time as well.

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