HR Outsourcing and Accounting

HR Outsourcing,Oursource Human Resources,Accounting BPOWhether you’re a smaller enterprise or a larger firm, you’ll need someone to handle HR related tasks. Generally in smaller corporations, you’ll find people doubling up on roles to accommodate HR related duties. This is a waste of resources that can be instead be used elsewhere in the company to grow.

HR Outsourcing

By outsourcing your Human resources, it allows the company to become efficient and more productive within their bookkeeping procedures, not to mention the savings alone. Our Human Resources staff has expertise in supplying customers with timely and comprehensive accounting services to increase their total ROI (Return of investment).

So what can our HR Outsourcing and Accounting services do for you?

  • General ledger
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Write checks
  • Keep accounts payable and accounts receivable modules.

But let's drive a little deeper.

Financial StatementsHR Outsourcing,Oursource Human Resources,Accounting BPO

Financial statements are a great way to track the progress of your organization. They are frequently required by third parties like regulators or banks. We can supply quarterly, monthly, or yearly financial statements to satisfy your individual needs.

We can prepare your firm’s tax returns, and recurring sales. Any paperwork that is filed will be on time and precise, so that you do not need to stress about missing any deadlines.

Our accountants can stay on top of your accounts payable and make sure all bills are paid when needed as needed.

HR Outsourcing Services

So why do many of the fortune 500 Companies outsource their account and human resources? The cost. When comparing, outsourcing representatives will be equally trained, both have college degrees, and both maintain a high output. So when you’re receiving the same services, does it make sense to be paying a higher price?

When you outsource accounts payable and Human Resource services to us, you place those duties in dependable hands. We can supplement your present staff to minimize cost or increase performance over all. We can customize solutions of accounts payable and human resource outsourcing services from your company while taking being priced competitively.

Taken from a study, only 4% of large firms use predictive analytics. Predictive analytics understands the drive of the performance, scenario planning, risk analysis and mitigation. This can be using statistics to decide who to hire, analyzing how pay relates to performance, retention drivers, and performance drivers. Not only can adding our HR outsourcing representatives help you with this, this is a proactive measure that can further help retention rates, morale, and performance. Research has shown that these companies receive 30% higher returns than the S&P 500.

Strategic Analysis

Our human resources take analytics a step further, we can help you with HR Outsourcing,Oursource Human Resources,Accounting BPO

  • Segmentation
  • Statistical analysis
  • "People models"
  • Cause and delivery of actionable solutions
  • Operational reporting for decision making
  • Tension-free payroll and HR management

HR Outsourcing representatives will ensure that your payroll is consistently on time, while managing all employment contracts.

Enable us to manage:

  • Unemployment claims
  • Government reporting
  • Bureau forms
  • Wage claims and audits

Get team who can give a helping hand with day to day HR responsibilities along with retention, worker recruitment and direction.

You can expect a combination of routine continuing support composed of HR government, HR direction and Human Capital management supported by our dedicated account representatives. Supported by accessibility to our other services and a committed team with back up when needed.

Our HR outsourcing is capable of delivering:

  • Worker Contracts Development
  • Worker Training and Development
  • Payroll/Benefit Management
  • Worker Events Direction
  • Onboard Procedures
  • Customized (Business Training)
  • Worker Data Directions
  • Worker Benefits Procedures
  • Employee Policy Handbooks/ Guides
  • Performance Management Procedures/Documentation
  • Worker Communication Procedures

We serve businesses in all sectors and our valued services are unrivaled.

For Companies without HR Sections: We’ll give you the advantages having a dedicated in house outsourced HR team, without the costs and headaches.

For Companies with HR Sections: We are going to take off the weight of the day to day administrative and deliver professional HR services to include great ROI for the company.

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