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Businesses nationally rely upon to fulfill their telemarketing services through outsourced companies. With minimum wage on the rise, reaching to as high as $15 an hour in some cities. Staff Outsourcing provides you an inexpensive means to achieve the same if not higher results.

Various Telemarketing Services Available

Telemarketing Outsourcing Services,Call Center,Inbound Outbound BPO,contact center

At Staff Outsourcing, we’ve got the capacity, the technology, tools and staff – located across the world – to offer any service by all-inclusive Telemarketing Services, across several sectors.

—Communications: Our telemarketing outsourcing options are a perfect fit for the communications sector; customer interactions including regular service inquiries can be fulfilled by our gifted representatives, whether the focus is mobile, telephone, Internet, satellite, cable, or another iteration. Our representatives can help you generate leads, offer promotions and upgraded packages, sign contracts, and sales.

—Consumer and Industrial Goods: Our intensive training ensures our representatives understand your brand, your company, and your products; we help not only make new customers but develop lasting relationships while reducing your price per call.

Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing Outsourcing Services,Call Center,Inbound Outbound BPO,contact center

—Financial Services: Businesses in financial and the credit card businesses turn to Staff Outsourcing for complete telemarketing outsourcing options for customer acquisition and retention. We have a proven ability to up sell and cross-sell a wide range of services and products.

—Health Care: In the Health Care sector, possibly more than any other, agents must be sensitive with their customers’ needs, in order to balance hard sales tactics and caring with professionalism; our proven Telemarketing Services for health care suppliers range from anything from inbound customer attention to long-term support.

—Insurance: With over ten years of expertise supplying the country’s leading insurance companies with telemarketing, our highly specialized team supplies success in customer acquisition and customer retention, increasing revenue while reducing prices.

—Pharmaceutical: Our hiring practices bring on the most exceptionally proficient agents; join that with extensive training, the sector’s finest technologies, and unparalleled quality assurance processes, you get Telemarketing Services that can address the varied needs of the patients, medical practitioners, and pharmaceutical retailers.

—Retail: As a seamless expansion of your business, our Telemarketing Services strengthen and build your brand, getting new customers and assembling greater levels of loyalty among new and returning customers and delivering strong return on investment.

—Transport: With our expertise in the transport sector our ability to soothe the emotions that can come from problems like unforeseen shipping delays and to supply complete Telemarketing Services that such as call volume due to things such as intense weather. Our representatives are carefully screened and trained while maintaining the customer relationship.

—Travel and Hospital: Our telemarketing outsourcing options for the travel and hospitality industries are very affordable. Having a call center with Staff Outsourcing’s resources in your side additionally lets you keep an optimum amount of customer service when in need. Our representatives all have experience with some of the largest travel sites out on the market. In addition, all are skilled in booking flights and hotels, planning vacations, and hard sale tactics.

—Utilities: Our representatives can focus on problems that range from credit to collections and we are able to supply new customer inquiries and deposits, customer service and outage reporting.

These are only a few small examples of what outsourcing telemarketing can do for you.

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