Lead Generation

There are multiple definitions of what defines a qualified lead and what a waste of time is, and we’ve encountered many companies who are unable to tell the difference. This is why companies tend to reach for outside help, in-house teams tend to pass over valuable information and lose the important leads.

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Many leads are passed over, as well leads can become unorganized and going to multiple people within the company with nothing being done. We have seen in-house teams try to sell to people within other businesses who are not in the position to make buying decisions. Sales and Marketing teams tend to fight, with one party wanting to target as many people as they can, while the other just happy to be talking to someone. This is highly inefficient.

We have encountered that many companies seem to be putting all their eggs in one basket when it comes to their marketing efforts. This could mean putting all their time into something like telemarketing, or email blasts. They will use the same antics as their competition and things will tend to get lost in the commotion. Usually from a failed attempt at marketing, the company reverts back to the old loyal ways. This, of course, leads to many lost sales.

Lead Generation

Another fault we generally see is that lead generation is thrown at the newest member of the team. Most corporations prefer that their tenured or senior level close the actual sales, while the new member decides what can or can’t be closed. The removal of potential leads that a senior level can close is a tremendous amount of lost sales.

So what’s the average cost of hiring an in-house lead generation?

Average starting salary is $40,000. Plus commission and benefits/overhead adding to $10,000+.

Average target of revenue? $300,000+.

Lead Generation Outsourcing,Inbound Lead BPO,Outbound Lead BPOLead Generation Services

Outsourcing to a company that makes lead generation its main focus allows you to put the job in the right hands, someone who has experience and reputable results. As well, opposed to in-house lead generation, instead of sorting through 300 telemarketing calls, you are now provided a shorter list and much higher chance of closing the sale into contracts.

Our lead generation service representatives use specialized methods to calculate all possible data that could be used to paint the ideal client that you are looking for. This can come down to personality, interests, needs, wants, and more. Moreover they will take into consideration the sales process from the customer’s viewpoint, allowing them to better get a clear picture of what the customer wants.

Direct Targeting

All of our lead generation service representatives are trained to make sure they are targeting the person who Is in charge of the buying decisions. This allows you to have the correct contact and background information when closing.

Most importantly, Good leads.

Why waste time talking with people who haven’t shown a want or need for your company or products? Or someone who can’t afford it? Our lead generation representatives will only provide you with contacts of people who get what you are doing, want or need it, and have the funds available to purchase it.


We provide changes that can be made to the buying process, inquiries that are always brought up and issues that are spotted. Anything that can help further the close of the sale.

Multiple Marketing Sources.

Our representatives are trained to use multiple sources of contact and marketing. This can be from social networking, live chats, B2B, and more. Our lead generation representatives have access to our other outsourced services. This allows you to diversify yourself into other channels.


It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to get a new in-house lead generation rep up to speed. In comparison, our dedicated representatives require much less at a much decreased cost. If your in-house rep does not end up working out, you will need to start the entire process again.

So why not contact us today for a free quote? We’ll make sure you’re set up with the best lead generators in the business.

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