This new state sale tax ruling was a great relief for big and small box retailers who have an actual retail location. These businesses have been getting hit with a significant loss in revenue because people have been able to get tax free items online. Retailers like Amazon and eBay have already been attributed to causing significant damage to retailers like Sears.
The holiday season is stressful on so many different levels and for so many different people. Businesses are particularly stressed during the holiday season, even though it is typically the time they make most of their money. They need to make sure they can keep up with orders, process refunds, and provide excellent customer service to drive in more business.
Seattle's corporate tax incentivizes companies to move their business operations overseas. While growth is a fundamental part of any business, growth in Seattle is likely to be a challenge to companies as it means they will be liable to pay more employee tax.
Assessing our ability in call center, back office, and HR outsourcing services, Clutch has begun their assessment and round-up of client feedback.
Outsourcing through a call center is much less expensive than an in-house team. Since the center uses their own services, telephone equipment, servers, computers and software, external service costs are significantly decreased. The cost is known, the labor is available whenever necessary, and employees sitting around waiting for the phone to ring are eliminated. This will improve the bottom line of a business. Calls are answered on weekends, during holidays, and after hours for a much lower cost than an in-house team. The schedule is standard, and the agents are dedicated.