Staff Outsourcing Solutions Highlighted as Leader in HR Outsourcing






With over 15 years of experience, evolving into a mature outsourcing company providing global support to small and medium-sized organizations, our experience and accountability have grown exponentially. Rooted in core values of respect, quality, and innovation, we are dedicated to becoming the best through mutual trust and powerful answers in a high-growth industry. It’s for these reasons that we’ve become featured as a leader on, “Clutch Announces Highest Rated HR Service Providers in 2018.”


Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform covering over 7,000 firms across 500+ industry verticals and in their latest press release, Clutch identified the top staffing, recruiting, and HR outsourcing companies in the industry. Their analysis is rooted in client interviews and feedback, where Clutch speaks to a company’s references about the challenges, solutions, and results of their time working together. Coupling this, Clutch utilizes a scoring methodology with over a dozen factors such as clientele, market presence, and industry recognition, strengthening their evaluation. They are thereby able to form a Leaders Matrix for a particular industry and identify which firms in it have the ability to deliver.

Assessing our ability in call center, back office, and HR outsourcing services, Clutch has begun their assessment and round-up of client feedback. Here are some things one client, the Owner of an IT firm, had to say about us:

“Our customer satisfaction rate has risen over 25%...they save me a lot of time and money in place of hiring new employees to handle the volume of calls.”

They went on to describe the measurable and amazing impact our work:

“They provide a level of service that can handle any volume of work, all while being efficient every day. They help my business run smoothly.”

To read more about our clients’ experiences and how we’ve become an HR outsourcing leader, keep up-to-date with our Clutch profile here.