Social Media Outsourcing

Social Media Outsourcing,BPO Reputation ManagementDoes your company have a Facebook page? Do you use Twitter or Instagram as well? Depending on the size of your company managing these pages and moderating the comments can be a full-time job, possibly even needing a small team! You’ve heard it on the news. These positions domestically can range from 40-50k yearly salary!

Our team at Staff Outsourcing can not only manage these social media sites for you, but also encourage your viewers to take an active role and participation within your pages.

Social networking strategists focus promoting the important products and services that you offer. Whether you want a clean professional atmosphere or a quirky hip environment, our specialists can get it in place!

One of the most notable examples of good use of social media is Taco Bell. This might not be the first company that comes to mind, however, social media was responsible for one of their largest grossing products, the “dorrito locos tacos”. They are known for communicating directly with their customers, creating witty quips and generating advertising for a small fraction of cost.

93% of Marketers are using social media for their business, and 70% of brands have a current Facebook account. Out of those 93%, 70% have successfully gained new customers by using Facebook. There is an average of 16 minutes spent on social media per hour. Youtube reaches more people aged 18-34 than any major cable station out there.

The more fans or followers the corporation has, the more attention is gathered. Social Media Outsourcing allows not only the company to advertise their products, but every new post can be shared within your followers. So in essence your own customers are advertising for you! Talk about cost savings. This is why it is important that the content is creative enough and responsive enough to encourage people to spread the word.

Social Media Outsourcing,BPO Reputation Management

Our Social Media Outsourcing Specialists can also moderate any existing forum. Whether to actively engage with your current user base, or simply ban and watch for any explicit material our content writers can handle it. Companies will use forums for product feedback, suggestions, bug reports, and potential updates. This will also allow your customers to actively engage in conversations about your products.

Our Social Media Outsourcing representatives all have at least 2 years of professional work experience in the industry, with excellent English communication.

Social Media Outsourcing

Our representatives can help you,

  • Setup and observe over your social media accounts.
  • Create and keep connection with numerous customers for content development and acceptance (including blogs, pictures and video information).
  • Preserve and handle publishing agendas.
  • Help with the setup and management of promotional initiatives (ex: Facebook advertisements) including keyword study, strategy setup, ad copywriting and tracking.
  • Create related publishing supplies for social networking and study balances to assist customers with information.
  • Manage Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace or any other social media services.
  • Provide marketing support to your advertising and sales teams.
  • Delivering timely PR reports.
  • Oversee marketing budgets.
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