Thorough Employee Vetting

Due to the diverse type of services we offer, we make it a practice to follow a systematic vetting process so we get to effectively identify the team member who is best fit to support a specific role. The following criteria are used in determining which role a team member may be assigned to:

Employee Vetting when Outsourcing,BPO Employee Screening

Customer Care

Team member must have strong customer service background; good written and verbal English skills are required. Team member must also possess high sense of accountability, problem solving and customer advocacy.


Fast typing skills and computer literacy is required to support the dynamic world of ecommerce. Team members must be knowledgeable with a wide range of computer applications and programs. A keen eye for accuracy and details is required to keep data clean and precise.

Telemarketing and Sales

A challenging but rewarding field, confident team members are sales orientated to pitch sales ideas, close sales and follow up on pending sales. Strong written and verbal English skills along with a desire to solve the customer’s needs are what we consider essential qualities to support marketing and sales.

IT Solutions

Team members are required to have an extensive background in computer systems and applications as well as a detailed knowledge of all equipment and hardware components.

Virtual Human Resource Service

Team members are required to be familiar with the laws of the governing country employer they will be working under and help make sure your company is complying. They are also required to have advanced verbal and written English communication skills.

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