Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant Outsourcing,BPO Secretary ServicesNot enough time? Feeling overwhelmed? Need some weight off your shoulders?

Our virtual assistants are here to help!

Our dedicated virtual assistants can help narrow down your tasks and duties and help you focus on the things that matter most. Our dedicated virtual assistant staff can help knock out anything that takes up your time, in return saving you time! As we all know, time is money.

Among the biggest drains of time is the mundane task of answering emails. Within any field communication is key, from doing graphic design, being a CEO, to our daily personal lives. We rely on emails to receive and send communication. Our virtual assistant representatives can help you with this! Here are a few examples of our email services the virtual assistant representatives can offer.

Virtual Assistant Services

  • Blocking E-Mails/Handling Junk
  • Data-base creating/CRM
  • Replying Customer support E-Mails/texts/talk Support
  • Delivering of Greetings E-Cards, Occasion invites, etc.
  • Managing your calendar
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Travel preparation.
  • Reminders
  • And much more!

Cloud Management and Data Management

In addition to communication, keeping an organized record of your data is important. With our virtual assistants, make this a breeze. Our Virtual assistants can help you manage your data in a very efficient and effective manner. All of our Virtual assistants are skilled in Window’s tools in addition to all cloud services out there. Wouldn’t we all want our lives to be a bit more organized?

  • Drop-box / Yahoo push Organization
  • Data-entry in Google Docs
  • Making / Handling Spreadsheets
  • Planning power-point / key-note
  • PDF transformation, Merging and Splitting

Social Setting

Virtual Assistant Outsourcing,BPO Secretary Services

Our Virtual assistants are skilled in numerous SEO practices and have been trained by our own in house SEO team. Who doesn’t know how to use Facebook nowadays, but who knows how to create a large ROI, and market effectively? Our virtual assistants can help you with this. In addition our virtual assistants can help manage company Facebook pages, create groups and events, and much more, here are a few examples!

  • Written text(subtitles) of Sound and movie Files
  • Straightforward e-book design/ Formatting
  • Planning online meetings
  • Record Creation
  • Document templates
  • Online research
  • Data mining
  • Blogging
  • Moderation (forums, blogs, etc.)
  • Finding pictures and adding tags
  • Secretary Responsibilities
  • Voice-mail
  • Sending Customer Invoices
  • Fundamental Accounting (MYOB, XERO, & Quickbooks)
  • Online shopping
  • Preparation of Instruction materials
  • Timeline/Deliverables Tracking
  • Making Facebook Fan Sites/organizations

And a bit more if it wasn't enough!

  • Gathering contact information
  • Gathering articles
  • Setting exercise plans, goals and metrics
  • Sales and purchases
  • Finding and narrowing jobs to apply to
  • Commodity research
  • Market research
  • Data entry for bill creation
  • Posting on web based newsgroups, Craigslist, etc.
  • Setting Auto responders up
  • PowerPoint demonstrations
  • Word preparation
  • Spreadsheet work
  • Returning e-mail/Calls
  • Transcribing sound messages
  • Finding a doctor
  • Research and create a synopsis of news story or post
  • Find contractors
  • Create party reservations and supplies needed
  • Leaving product reviews of items you purchased
  • Research and find the cheapest price of an item you're looking for
  • Attempt to find something that you lost
  • Call your service providers (cable company, phone company, etc)
  • Call and handle customer service if you have a product or service issue.

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