Amazon Seller Support

With e-commerce on the rise, and competition getting stiffer, it only makes sense to get your product on as many distribution sources as you can, Amazon being one of the key players on the field.

Amazon is a fast growing marketplace with reach to over 210 million users. In 2013, the marketplace sellers had shipped out over a billion orders to users and tens of billions in sales. This is a huge pool to tap into. Whether you are already in this marketplace or looking to be, we can help get you started and on the path to success.

Outsource Amazon Customer Service

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We offer Amazon seller support and dedicated account representatives for your account. Our office is conveniently located next to one of Amazon’s biggest call centers located in the Philippines. Our representatives have directly worked as Amazon’s seller support staff; they are experienced and have the knowledge and ability to get your account rolling.

Whether you need help listing products, customer service, dealing with A to Z claims, obtaining the buy box, and obtaining a higher seller rating, we can help you get there.

Here are some of the services our account representatives can offer you as an Amazon e-commerce support.

  • Amazon Messages
  • Incoming Phone Calls
  • Outgoing Phone calls
  • Feedback requests
  • Feedback responses
  • Return Requests
  • Product listings
  • A-to-Z and chargeback claims
  • Opening cases
  • Product improvement
  • Data entry
  • Improving seller metrics
  • Calculating trends
  • Communicating with Amazon support
  • Advertising
  • Reports and settlements
  • Bulk uploading
  • Invoice handling

Amazon’s seller metrics are one of the hardest to meet in the industry. Allowing a defect rate of only 1% can be a tough challenge for certain sellers to meet. We have the experience and have been able to achieve this multiple times over. Amazon will continuously review and monitor each seller account, our dedicated support reps know how to handle and manage your metrics to meet these requirements. We will work to ensure that your metrics, such as the email response time is always exceeding the standards.

Communicating with Amazon’s seller support is hard. Majority of communication is done through emails, and not phone. Most of the emails are written as if there were canned templates. We’ve seen sellers attempt 3-4 times per request just to find the information they needed, or to clear up a situation and write appeals if needed. In addition, we can work with Amazon customer service as needed to remove any unjustified feedback.

Amazon Product Entry

Our data entry team can help launch and push products live into your Amazon store, complete with UPC’s. We can manage child to parent variations and mapping. As well as listing them internationally in multiple languages.

Not only will our representatives treat your account as our own. Our reps will provide feedback and careful observations on things that can improve or further help your metrics, and any chance to increase your revenue and lower costs!

We offer a low-cost opportunity, with years of experience in the marketplace and a proven track record.

Contact us today for a free quote, and what opportunities we can offer your company!

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