Customer Care

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Customer Care

Customer Advocacy is the core of our support. Every single interaction is an opportunity to win customers and generate a positive customer experience. We believe in first call resolution and we achieve this by making sure all concerns are addressed in every single call.

We believe customer feedback is the key for us to understand what the customer wants and what the customer expects from a company. We design customer satisfaction surveys aimed to be delivered to at least 5% of the customer's client base. The Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) are vital information that will guide the company towards making the right business decisions.

Staff Outsourcing leverages proven methods and best practices in all client specific call flow. We customized a process, make it a standard and place a quality control system to ensure compliance. By doing this we do not only achieve consistency and predictability, but also ensure a baseline is set in all continuous improvement initiatives.

Overall, Customer Care is aimed to achieve customer loyalty and love by providing the best real time support and services in every concern the customer has. Staff Outsourcing makes sure we do not stop at meeting expectations but always aims to deliver more.

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