eBay Seller Support

Whether you’re new or an established company in the eBay field, everyone can use a bit more help wherever needed.

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So what is eBay support exactly? Everything, our office is conveniently located in the Philippines where eBay’s office is only a few blocks away. We have reps that came from eBay directly and have experience working on both sides of the fence. Our reps know how to handle all situations and what you may face as you grow and current problems you may be facing.

eBay Support

So what can we do to help? Our eBay support reps you with the needed tools such as:

  • Data entry and file uploading
  • Offers
  • Cases
  • Customer service
  • Picture and quality control
  • Feedback revisions
  • Trust and safety issues
  • File upkeep
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Maintaining or Gaining top rated
  • DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings)
  • Not as described Claims
  • Item not received Claims
  • eBay messages
  • eBay templates
  • Incoming calls
  • Outgoing calls
  • Unpaid item cases
  • Listing revisions
  • Best matching
  • Competitor pricing
  • Return management
  • Reporting
  • And many more!

eBay enforces a certain set of standards and rules to sell on their marketplace. Many sellers today do not fully understand how best matching works, how to achieve top rated status, and with the constant changes on the marketplace it’s hard to keep up with it. Our experts allow you to focus on the bigger picture, the sales. Our representatives can help you with your eBay store and give you the eBay support that you need.

eBay Product Entry

Our Data entry eBay support team can help you find the pictures; create the listings, and active it within the store! You will hardly have to lift a finger. We know the categories and keywords that are important to rank in your search terms and to increase sales. Our company has been in the eBay marketplace since its creation and all of our eBay support representatives have been in the eBay marketplace for over 5 years plus.

eBay Customer Service

Our customer service is knowledgeable in all eBay policies, and shortcuts. We know what is allowed on the marketplace and what is not. Our support representatives have been successful in removing negative and neutral feedback that may be against an eBay policy that can be removed. They know that feedback and the DSR affects a seller’s standing greatly.

Our representatives have worked on hundreds of different accounts, in numerous categories. From the individual seller who wishes to add more products to his store, or add a customer service number. To the larger seller who needs bulk product uploaded and changed, to a full-service staff of customer service.

We offer very cost efficient means to allow you to control your eBay store with ease. Then potential and ROI (Return on investment) that you can gain with our eBay support is endless. As a small seller, having the ability to list products in bulk on your storefront, gather the data, set the titles and pictures, leaves you with just having to find more things to sell!

Our customer service is grade A, and knowing the In’s and Out’s of eBay, in addition to years of customer service experience. We make sure your customers are happy campers and will return every time. One of the features customers shop on eBay for is the feeling that it’s secure and that they are backed by the support of eBay. Our dedicated account representatives can follow all store policies you may have, and suggest changes and improvements along the way if desired. Reporting and communication between your representatives is the key. We like to ensure that you have all the tools needed for success, and will help you get there. All of our representatives take ownership in their account and treat it as if their own.

Avoid the HR mess, avoid the trouble of hiring. Avoid having to calculate all taxes and benefits per each employee. Avoid having to deal with employees who drop on a dime. Avoid long periods of paid training. Avoid the frustration.

Why not make it simple?

Contact us today and we'll help get your store on the way to success!

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