Performance Measures

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To determine and track productivity, client specific metrics needs to be established. From those metrics, Staff Outsourcing will assist our clients in determining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are directly aligned to what the business owner identified as vital and important. Every client or business may have its own unique metric and KPIs.

KPIs are very important as it reflects how effective the Outsourcing company is in supporting their client's business. KPIs also translate productivity into numbers thus making it measurable for analysis and continuous improvement initiatives. This is also very important in team member assessments and annual appraisals as it provides objective and measurable goals for the team member to accomplish.

Staff Outsourcing is committed to delivering the required numbers to achieve client specific KPIs. Regardless of the support, we have proven methodologies and best practices in place to achieve any given metric. Nothing is left for speculation if we have the numbers to back up any given claim, and data to support any initiatives and analysis for continuous improvement.

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