Quality Analysis and Review

Outsourcing Quality Analysis,BPO Work Audits

To ensure consistency in all processes, Staff Outsourcing will create a standard client specific workflow and call flow whichever is applicable as a baseline. Compliance with the production standards will be checked via a Quality Analyst form that will be used in all quality reviews. We will also determine a scoring system from the step by step process to the workflow inconsistencies, business critical and zero tolerance specifics. Calibration sessions will be standard to review internal QA scoring and evaluation.

We will also make it a practice to review trends, behavior patterns and other process related aspects of the business. Staff Outsourcing is committed to doing, at least, one review per week per agent subject to change depending on the need and complexity of the line of business we support. Our Quality Analyst, SMEs and Leads are very capable in performing the role and support.

Thorough quality analysis and review are vital in identifying the customer's wants and needs to keep the business profitable. All continuous improvement initiatives are directly link to this field. External customer surveys helps determine the customer satisfaction rate and net promoter scores that serves as a guide in making any changes to all existing business practices

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