Structured Hiring Process

BPO Structured Hiring Process,Oursourcing Employee ScreeningStaff Outsourcing follows a rigorous recruitment and hiring process. We review all resumes and only top tier candidates are extended the opportunity for a face to face interview. Our interview questionnaire is used to determine the extent of knowledge our applicants have with various support services, computer usage and applications. It also provides insight on the applicant's skill set to determine which field the candidate best fits within.

We have a series of written and spoken tests design to analyze several areas of qualification such as written word, communication skills, comprehension, logic, ability to multitask in a fast pace environment.

Once the candidate passed the tests, he/she will be scheduled for a final interview with both the Philippine and US Management team. Staff Outsourcing understands that hiring the right person the first time is essential in the success of your business.

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