Outsourcing your business process as the Holiday Season approaches




Black Friday and Christmas Season

The holiday season is stressful on so many different levels and for so many different people. Businesses are particularly stressed during the holiday season, even though it is typically the time they make most of their money. They need to make sure they can keep up with orders, process refunds, and provide excellent customer service to drive in more business. Part of the resources businesses allocate to use during the holiday season is driven by the retail growth forecast issued by the National Retail Federation (NRF).

The NRF forecasted the growth rate to be between 3.8% and 4.4%. However, recently, they increased the forecasted growth rate to be at least 4.5%. This projected growth rate can send businesses into a scramble to find resources to handle customer service. These resources are especially needed for Black Friday and the Christmas season. Therefore, outsourcing customer service can be a savior for many businesses.