Skill Set Resiliency and Contingency

Outsourcing Skill Set,BPO Contingency

Aside from creating and documenting processes, Staff Outsourcing also makes sure that we are prepared to address all eventualities. As part of our contingency plan, we cross train team members who perform a similar support to work in other accounts in instances the agent that is primarily assigned to it for some reason is unavailable. By doing this, we ensure productivity is still optimal despite attrition. Cross training is also an effective way of retaining the needed client specific skill set and as to not overload most agents we cross train tenured subject matter experts only.

Resource materials that will serve as a quick guide will be readily available through our internal system thus making the transition quick and seamless. All leads and supervisors are equally knowledgeable in all aspects within their respective groups. This ensures leadership and expertise are retained all the time.

Staff Outsourcing is committed to provide the support needed to keep your business operational in any given situation. We value accountability and dependability most as this set us apart from the competition.

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