The Positive Impact Of Call Center Technology On A Business




Call Center, Technology, On A Business

The Power of a Call Centers

The image of any business is important. The first impression of a customer can gain or lose a sale. When an associate is not properly trained or rude, this can easily affect the reputation of the company. Long hold times, and wrongly answered questions can cost a business money. Call center technology can prevent negative first impressions, long hold times and place a business above their competitors. This is especially true for an eCommerce business. The agents have received all necessary training, understand how to conduct a successful phone call, and have a positive impact on the company.

The Lower Cost

Outsourcing through a call center is much less expensive than an in-house team. Since the center uses their own services, telephone equipment, servers, computers and software, external service costs are significantly decreased. The cost is known, the labor is available whenever necessary, and employees sitting around waiting for the phone to ring are eliminated. This will improve the bottom line of a business. Calls are answered on weekends, during holidays, and after hours for a much lower cost than an in-house team. The schedule is standard, and the agents are dedicated.

The Peak Hours

Employees can be overwhelmed during peak hours. The agents in a call center are trained to handle large amounts of calls quickly and efficiently. This greatly reduces any wait time and relieves customer frustration. They do not feel rushed or pressured while taking calls, and this improves the quality received by the customer. Call abandonment issues, losing customers due to overlong waits, and customers simply slipping away are virtually eliminated. Customers are pleased with the expedited service, and this improves their impression of the business.

Call Center Technology

The technology of a call center is critical to success. CTI allows telephone systems and computers to interact to increase efficiency. The agent can see the callers information when the call appears on their computer screen. This saves time and increases customer satisfaction.

ACD recognizes, answers and send calls to the agent best equipped to handle the customers needs. This increases the number of calls a center can handle effectively.

Automatic call back enables callers to receive a call back instead of remaining in the queue. The return call will be placed as quickly as possible.

IVR enables callers to access information without the need to speak to an agent. This automated phone system is activated by speaking or with a touch-tone keypad. Some systems recognize different speech and languages.

Universal queuing places all customer into one waiting list. This increases the efficiency and consistency of the process.

IV is an interactive technology that plays entertainment, promotions, advertisements or videos if the customer is place on hold.

VoIP uses a broadband internet connection to make calls instead of a standard phone line. This helps eliminate any dropped calls, and call clarity is improved.

CRM provides agents with all the customer information they require to take care of the customer as fast as possible. Previous interactions can be pulled up on screen, and customers can receive information regarding an ongoing issue. The record of the customer increases efficiency, and helps build excellent customer relationships.

All customer interactions are captured with a call recording system, allowing an agent to review a previous call. This includes chat sessions and emails. This provides insight into the past dealings, concerns and issues of the customer.

CMS is an exceptional tool for an outbound call center. The agent is provided with a contact list including any information required to contact, and speak with the right individuals. All guesswork is eliminated. This is a good application for outsourcing.

WFM is software for workforce management. This forecasts the amount of calls, instant messages and emails ensuring the correct number of agents are present at all times. This improves the quality of service, and optimizes the workforce.

IP provides video calling, instant messaging, and makes phones calls from the website. This ecommerce solution is much less costly.